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   Welcome to the Course on General Martinist Studies. Here we will begin our personal journey of transformation that may lead us to the Outer Court of the Temple. At that time, you may then be invited to receive Traditional Initiation into a regular Martinist Order where the second phase of your journey will take place. Later after much personal work and study…other Portals to Initiation and Advanced Esoteric Training may be opened up to you. Based upon your earlier progress you may be lead to an invitation for further initiation and study.


    In this course we will cover general Martinist History, Philosophy and Techniques of Illumination and Initiation…including, but not limited to, such subjects as theurgy, meditation, ritual and prayer.


    At certain points in the studies each of you will be assigned a research topic by one of your Facilitators. The topic may be on any subject material that would benefit the group as a whole and one in which the writer would be able to effectively explain.


   Upon completion of the research paper, it shall first be submitted to the Department of Instruction for review. Next, it will be posted on the appropriate Course Forum for discussion during which time the Author will be responsible for handling of all questions on the Forum.


  Once a common understanding has been reached among the participants, the paper and its corresponding Q & A’s will be archived in your personal file and also the Group Archive. Eventually, we hope to create a searchable topic data-base of which all students of the course will have access so as to not duplicate previous research unless there is something new to add or a need to do so.


   A copy of the Rules and Guidelines for the Course and an application for admittance will be sent upon request.



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